Why Supplement

Bone Tissue

Calcium is a major structural component of bone tissue, and gets deposited in the bone which provides strength to the skeleton2

The Skeleton

The skeleton acts as a reservoir for calcium, and when dietary calcium intake is inadequate, the body will release calcium from the bones into the blood. This process leads to a gradual loss of calcium over time, making bones thin and weak. Over time this will predispose an individual to osteoporosis2


Osteoporosis literally means “porous bones” and it is the disease in which the density and quality of bone is reduced. This leads to weakening of the skeleton and increased risk of fractures3

Individuals at risk

  Bones matter at all stages of life, however the following individuals 
may have a higher risk of developing a calcium deficiency  


Women in early menopause suffering from an oestrogen deficiency3


Where there is a family history of osteoporosis3


Immobilisation or inadequate physical activity3

Lactose intolerance

Individuals with a calcium deficient diet i.e. due to an allergy or lactose intolerance4


Certain diseases: e.g. cushing’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, anorexia nervosa, and athletes amenorrhoea3

Alcohol abuse

Excessive smoking / alcohol consumption3

When to start

Between the ages 30-35 the process of building bone vs the process of breaking down bone becomes slower (where bone is broken down in less than 2 days but could take 6 months to a year to be replaced)3

The best time therefore to start taking calcium is during your teenage years – to ensure that you build up sufficient calcium stores to protect you later in life3

Product Range

Choose the calcium that is right for you

  Calcium with Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 
and Vitamin C  

Individuals that may benefit

  For individuals wanting to benefit from a calcium supplement with added K2VITAL® and Vitamin C  

Additional benefits

  B-CAL®-K2 with clinically proven K2VITAL® is a 5-in-1 formulation to promote bone health and prevent Osteoporosis. 
 The B-CAL®-K2 formulation works synergistically to: 
 - Promote collagen formation for bone strength and flexibility 
- Enhance calcium absorption & muscle functioning 
 - Contribute to bone cell & tissue formation 
 - Activate protein for bone strength  

Dosage form

Calcium with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium

Individuals that may benefit

Individuals predisposed to osteoporosis wanting to benefit from the added magnesium which is as important as calcium in bone health2

Additional benefits

Magnesium provides the following additional benefits
- Ideal for muscle cramps5
- Assists in hypertension6
- May lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure6
- Acts as a calcium channel blocker to prevent too much calcium from entering cells6

Dosage form

Calcium with Vitamin D3

Individuals that may benefit

Individuals predisposed to osteoporosis wanting to benefit from the added vitamin D2

Additional benefits

- Low dietary calcium intake can result in a negative calcium balance, which may lead to osteoporosis
- Vitamin D contributes to the effective absorption of calcium2

Dosage form

Calcium with vitamins & minerals

Individuals that may benefit

Teenagers and pre and post 
menopausal women4

Additional benefits

Ideal for all individuals, however women will especially benefit from the additional vitamins and minerals to improve general well-being

Dosage form


Individuals that may benefit

A calcium supplement that provides phosphate binding potential for individuals with kidney impairment7

Additional benefits

- Calcium carbonate acts as a phosphate binder in patients with kidney disease. Taken with a meal the calcium carbonate binds to excess phosphate in the stomach and excretes the phosphate before it gets synthesized in the kidneys - thereby protecting the kidneys7
- May assist with
hyperphosphatemia and hypercalcemia7 
(too high levels of calcium and phosphate in the blood)

Dosage form

Calcium effervescent with Vitamin D3

Individuals that may benefit

Individuals wanting to benefit from an easy to absorb calcium effervescent i.e. the elderly or those who cannot swallow tablets4

Additional benefits

Calcium citrate doesn’t require a lot of stomach acid or the presence of food in the stomach in order to be absorbed

Dosage form

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